Infants 6-9 Months

Track my development: Infants 6-9 months

Track my development: Infants 6-9 months
Published : February 19 , 2018
Latest Update : July 29 , 2021
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This is such a fun time. It’s fascinating to watch children of these ages understand that they can directly control what is around them. It’s also a time filled with lots of smiles!

Physical Development

I can control my body

What to expect from me?

  • I can sit without support and move from sitting to crawling.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Allow me to explore by creating a safe environment.

  • Teach me my body parts.

Cognitive Development

I'm learning to solve problems

What to expect from me?

  • I will do things repeatedly, like throw something on the floor. Please be patient, this is my way of learning how things work and they are also building my memory.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Comment on what I’m doing.

  • Provide me with toys that encourage exploration- like those with push buttons

Communication and Speech Development

I'm communicating with you even more

What to expect from me?

  •  will copy the gestures you make.

  • I may babble and make more ma-ma and ba-ba sounds. This is my way of talking to you. I also understand more than I can say.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Make eye contact, comment on what I’m imitating and praise me and provide lots of attention.

  • When I make sounds, answer by repeating and adding words. Encourage communication by naming objects I point to and my different actions ( ex: “thank you for passing me the book”).

  • Talk to me about what might happen next. Give 5-minute warnings, like “in 5 minutes we will put your shoes on and go to Grandma's”. This not only helps build language but also it’s a form or routine building and helping me learn what to expect.

Social & Emotional Development

I sometimes need time to warm up to new people

What to expect from me?

  •  may be shy and anxious around new faces, please don’t force me to be held by them.

  • I will cry when you leave.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Starting at around 8 or 9 months, I may become fearful when separated from my primary attachment figure. This happens because I’m beginning to understand that people still exist even when I can’t see them- click here for more info on this... Don’t force me to be held by someone new. Instead, continue to carry me and approach the new face calmly and use a reassuring voice to soothe me. In a few minutes, I might be ready to be held by someone new.

  • Always develop a clear and brief goodbye routine with me. Routines help me feel safe. Be sure to also say goodbye and do not sneak out. This actually makes it harder on me and can create feelings of mistrust.

During 6-9 months, babies are learning about object permanence; meaning that objects that disappear also reappear or that things and people still exist even when they can’t see them.

This is one of the most important things your baby is learning. So, it’s important at this stage to:

  • Play peek-a-boo with your baby

  • Talk to your baby even when he/she is out of your sight so he/she knows you have disappeared.

  • Be sure to say goodbye to your baby and avoid sneaking out. He/she will know that you will come back even when he/she can’t see you. This also helps build trust.


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