How to choose clothes that flatter your skin?

How to choose clothes that flatter your skin?
Published : May 08 , 2023
Latest Update : September 25 , 2023
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The first and most important thing to understand is that the colors we wear should be in harmony with our “Undertone”. So, what’s our undertone? And how can we determine it in order to choose the right colors?

While many of us know our skin tones, undertones are completely different. Skin tones range from very deep to very fair in color, but the undertone refers to the shade that is within that color. "Your skin tone may change throughout the year, but your undertone never changes" and it’s divided into 3 categories: warm, cool, and neutral.



What are the undertones of the skin?

Warm undertones range from peach to yellow and golden. Cool undertones include pink and bluish hues. Moving on to the neutral undertone, it’s rare and uncommon however it’s considered a lucky charm as having a neutral undertone means that your undertones are roughly the same color as your actual skin tone.

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It’s important to note that generally, your undertone isn’t the same thing as your natural tone, or the color of your naked skin before you put on foundation or any other makeup. Even the fairest skin can have warm undertones, and darker skin can have cool ones.

What does this mean for your overall color palette?

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If you have a…

Cool undertone

Stick with pinks and blues, as well as different shades of purple including lilacs and lavenders. Soft rose colors work best on you as well and reds that have pink tones to them. For example, opt for raspberry red over the fire hue.

Warm undertone

If you have a warm undertone, your color palette will be the exact opposite of the cool undertone. Yellow, orange, gold, fire red, and peach hues look great against your skin. You may also look great in camel brown and olive green.

Neutral undertone

As one might expect, neutral undertones can pull off neutral colors well. They also look good in cool and warm color palettes as they are gifted with a very diverse undertone that goes well with most colors.

The bottom line here is that your undertones can provide some insights into what looks best against your natural skin color. Still, your personal preferences are more important than what any color chart suggests.

If you feel happy and healthy in a color that’s considered to be outside of your palette, you can definitely rock it this theory was born to help us look our best and be confident when choosing colors in our outfits. At the end of the day, you should wear whatever helps you feel like your best self.


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