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Sirsa Qursha Parenting Counseling

Sirsa A. Qursha’s background is in Child Development & Parent Education. Sirsa has over 10 years of experience in directly working with children and families; notably in the Child Protection sector while working with the Jordan River Foundation and most recently offering child development and parenting consultations through a private practice in Amman, Jordan. In addition to her direct work with families, Sirsa has extensive experience in the development, implementation, and management of child/family-centered programs.  As part of her work with the Jordan River Foundation, Sirsa has also co-written and published a chapter on children’s rights in Making Equal Rights Real: Taking Effective Action to Overcome Global Challenges (Cambridge University Press). 
Sirsa is a Qualitative Research Mentor and Trainer in the focus group methodology and has been responsible for conducting focus groups with adults and children as well as training and mentoring civil society personnel on the focus group methodology.  
Sirsa received her BSc. in Child Development & Family Studies and an MA in Parent Education, both from the University of Connecticut.
 She is also certified in the Kazdin Parent Management Training from the Yale Parenting Center (of Yale University).

website: www.sirsaqursha.com

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