Infants 3-6 Months

Track my development: Infants 3-6 months

Track my development: Infants 3-6 months
Published : March 14 , 2016
Latest Update : August 26 , 2021
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I’m sure you’re in love! By now, things are calmer. Your baby might already be on an eating and sleeping routine and much more responsive to your presence.

Read on below to see what’s going on during the months 3-6.

Here is what your baby wants to tell you:

Physical Development

  • I'm in more control!

What to expect from me?

  • I can reach for objects which are close by and farther away.

  • I can sit up with support.

  • I can move toys from one hand to another.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Encourage me to do things for myself, (i.e. reaching for a toy), this builds self-confidence and promotes independence

  • Place me in different positions (on my back, tummy) so I can have different opportunities to explore my environment. Remember to support me while I sit.

Sensory/Motor Development

I explore and I also use my mouth!

What to expect from me?

  • I explore things by putting them in my mouth and bang them.

  • I started looking at you for longer periods of time and I love looking at things with striking colors.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Provide me with a variety of toys/objects in order for me to experience different textures. Make sure they are not too small or sharp. Sensory books are a great example.

  • Establish and maintain routines for me as much as possible. This is very important for me as I learn what to expect by doing the same thing each time (i.e. preparing for bath time).

  • Touch, tickle and stroke me as much as possible. Physical touch is important for both physical and emotional growth.

Communication and Speech Development

I babble!

What to expect from me?

  • I start saying things consistently like “bababa”.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Speak to me as much as possible, always explain what’s coming up next such as diaper change, feed etc.

  • Listen to me when I’m making sounds and look into my eyes while doing so.

Cognitive Development

I am now happy with my routine

What to expect from me?

  •  will develop more regular sleeping and eating patterns.

  • I will notice shifts in routine. When you turn the blinds down and darken the room, I will learn that it’s time for bed.

What can you do to support my development?

  • Maintain and stick to a routine each and every day.

  • Make sure you sing a soothing song at bedtime. This helps calm me down and helps me learn that milk and bedtime are coming.

Act Early

Act early by talking to your baby’s doctor if you notice that by 3 months, your baby:

  • Doesn't bring objects to his/her mouth by 4 months

  • Cannot support his/her head well at 3 months

  • Doesn't try to imitate any of your sounds by 4 months



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