9 Cool Christmas tree trends for 2020

9 Cool Christmas tree trends for 2020
Published : November 19 , 2020
Latest Update : June 13 , 2021
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… la la la. 

There are so many wonderful things about Christmas, but the tree has got to top the list. It is the main feature of any home during the holidays and we say the bigger it is, the better. Plus, decorating a Christmas tree is one of the best family-bonding activities, and once it’s all accessorised and lit up, oh the magical, fuzzy feelings that follow gives you butterflies for the whole of December. 

Over the years, retailers have come up with a gazillion new ways to light up and glamorise Christmas trees to suit every taste and style. But did you know that there are over a dozen different types of trees out there? The more the merrier! 

We’re just over a month away from Christmas and if you haven’t bought your tree yet, well, hurry up and do it. As for the latest tree-decorating trends to watch out for, we’ve got you covered!

Multistorey Christmas Land tree

Multistorey Christmas Land tree


Keep it classic

classic Christmas tree near to a fireplace


Cotton cloud tree

cotton cloud Christmas tree


Pampa grass tree

Pampa grass tree Christmas tree


Round tree

Round Christmas tree


Skinny tree

skinny Christmas tree


Rainbow tree

rainbow Christmas tree


Wall tree

wall Christmas tree, with a lot of gifts


Extravagant tree

Extravagant Christmas tree


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