Magical Christmas Eve traditions to start this year

Magical Christmas Eve traditions to start this year
Published : December 01 , 2020
Latest Update : July 18 , 2021

Christmas is almost upon us and despite the 25th being the King of December, Christmas Eve is just as special because it’s filled with anticipation and excitement for what’s to come tomorrow.

Every family has its own traditions during the holidays and those traditions become more magical and fun-filled when kids are involved. Without further ado, these are some beautiful traditions that you may want to add to your already existing ones. 

Write a Christmas jingle

Two heads are better than one! Gather the entire family and come up with lyrics for a song that reflects Christmas at home. You’ll also need to come up with a tune for your jingle, ready to perform on Christmas Day. This activity is bound to be filled with laughter and silly banter.

Mini tree-decorating competition

Christmas trees are beautiful but their mini versions are oh-so-adorable. Get a little competitive by testing everyone’s tree-decorating skills; the person with the most stunning tree wins a batch of freshly-baked cookies. 

DIY Christmas decorations 

Nothing gives you a sense of achievement like a bit of DIY. Unleash your creative side by using items around the house to transform into Christmas decorations. They can be as simple as oranges or as elaborate as vases. 

Write a Thank-You Letter

Christmas is a time to be grateful for family and everything we have; it’s also a great time for kids to remember to think of those who help them year-round. Get your little ones to write Thank-You Letters to their local police station, fire brigade, hospital, etc, to show their appreciation for keeping them safe and sound. 

Visit an orphanage 

Part of being thankful for what we have is doing something for the community. Visit your nearest orphanage and have your kids give some of their favourite toys to the children there. Get them to play with them and share stories too. If there isn’t an orphanage nearby, you can visit a care home instead. 

Play dress-up 

Netflix has a gazillion Christmas films to choose from, albeit they can be really cheesy. Nonetheless, have some fun by dressing up as your fave character from these magical movies and see who can put on their best impersonation.

Play a game

There are plenty of family-friendly Christmas games on the market and,  believe us, whichever game you choose to play, it’ll add an air of amusement to the evening. 

Love thy neighbour 

If you’re blessed with sweet neighbours, give them an early Christmas gift to show them that you care. Remember, a personalised or handmade gift goes a long way.

Christmas storytime

Switch the main lights off, keep the fairy lights on, and gather the entire family around for a good old thrilling Christmas story. Don’t forget to keep it cosy with a cup of cocoa. 

Drive around the neighbourhood

With almost every home having made an effort for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to take a stroll or drive around the neighbourhood and enjoy the beauty that is Christmas decorations.


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