6 ideas for stylish Christmas outfits

December 19 , 2019
Tala Irshaid
Tala Irshaid is a certified Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant from London College of Style, specializing in capsule wardrobe styling, fashion edito...More

Christmas gives us the perfect excuse to go out of the way in terms of dressing. Gold high boots, sparkling stone earrings, glittery top and much more of those looks we were afraid to wear all year long! 

This season is all about extra ordinary pieces, be free to wear anything you like during the holiday season. 

So how can you settle for anything less than spectacular? A little black dress is always a winner, but who says holiday dressing has to be so cut and dry?

Here are some not-so-basic ideas for giving festive a whole new name this holiday season. Come out of your comfort zone and put on something bold, or sparkly.

Outfit #1


Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4

Outfit #5

Outfit #6