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Dina Abdul Majeed Founder

Dina is a wife, mama, designer, and dreamer! Her two boys, Hashem and Sanad, bring new meaning and vision to her life. “Motherhood challenges me to be a better version of myself—stronger, more motivated, and with an intense need for constant learning. I’m relearning how to value the simple things in life, like sharing laughter with my little ones!”

The founder and CEO of 360Moms. Previously the “Head of the Creative Team” in the Middle East and Africa at Yahoo, and prior to that an Art Director at multinational advertising agencies. She has 19 years of experience in online digital solutions, user experience, online advertising, branding, and online & offline design. She has been in leadership roles most of her career. Dina lives with her husband, Omar, and her two children in Amman, Jordan.

Articles By Dina Abdul Majeed:

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