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Daddysdo is a parent who has fallen in love with fatherhood and was able to take it with open arms.

The idea of becoming a dad blogger came to him after he and his wife had started having some small arguments about certain things like: “can our daughters have a sleep over? How many activities for the children are enough? How do you explain public display of affection to them?”, so Daddysdo  decided to start with the blog as a base where all parents can give their opinions on matters that parents generally have light disputes about.

He simply shares stories that happen with his family and the important moments that he and his wife handled that were a turning point in raising their children. He also asks for opinions that help him and his wife, and all other parents to reduce the fear of raising their children in such an open time.

His blog is all about the wonderful moments, the funny moments, the stressful moments and about all the moments that mold our children.

Most importantly, it is a platform where both the mom and the dad weigh in and provide access to new information and perspectives.

360moms and Daddysdo share the same perspective towards dedicating efforts to build the platform that every parent needs.

You can share your thoughts, comments or even tips on his articles and Instagram page to make this platform a beneficial one for everyone.  

Articles By Daddysdo:

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You can live with them but you should learn to live without them
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Things I couldn't explain to my kids
We now live in an open-minded world where any kind of information is now available and accessible. We all know that! And no matter how...
My daughter asked for an expensive gift...This is what I did
Preparing for Eid holidays is such an exciting time for our family; we go out shopping for Eid clothes, pick out gifts and enjoy delicious sweets! This...
My fashionista child loves colours!
I watch my three-year-old daughter proudly walk in her pink pants and yellow top, her face glowing with radiant energy. My fashionista child loves colours!...
I do not want my children to live in this virtual world!
  I was concerned when I read an article published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2013, which said that 38% of children under the...

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