My fashionista child loves colours!

My fashionista child loves colours!
Published : August 01 , 2019
Latest Update : September 25 , 2023
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I watch my three-year-old daughter proudly walk in her pink pants and yellow top, her face glowing with radiant energy. My fashionista child loves colours! It's doesn't matter whether or not they match. She might even decide to sleep in her colourful dress or swimsuit! 

We do get occasional stares from other parents or the "sharshouha" (person who always looks messy) speech from her grandmother. 

In the beginning, we tried to limit her taste in colourful clothing. Then I thought to myself: children love colours, it's typical. We also grew up loving colours, we wanted to paint the walls of our rooms and use every single colour to paint and draw, but then what happened? I bet if you opened your closets today that most of your clothes would be plain colours like white, black or grey, with a coloured shirt here and there, but that's it! 

My wife opened her closet one day and showed me the plain colours that fill her closet, telling me how she is sometimes afraid of wearing any bold colours in the fear that it won't match and people will talk. 

What happened to us? How did we go from a colourful taste to a solid, plain one? When did we let ourselves worry about the judgement of others? 

So yes, I would rather see my daughter walk in her bold outfits with pride so that she can always remember that life is about options. It's a tough world, but it's a colourful one. 


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