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Activities for Summer Vacation for Special Needs Children

Activities for Summer Vacation for Special Needs Children
Published : July 01 , 2020
Latest Update : June 22 , 2022
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Now that the school year is almost over, we all look forward to how we can make the summer vacation fun for the whole family.  All parents, including parents of children with special needs, can follow some of these tips to ensure an enjoyable, entertaining and unforgettable summer:

  1. Summer camps: Some parents prefer to enroll their child in a summer camp. Summer camps can be of a great value if you chose the right camp depending on your child’s age, abilities, and interests. Summer camps are offered in schools for children with special needs and in mainstream schools where children with special needs can be integrated if they are ready. Summer camps help children maintain the routine and structure they need, help in maintaining and improving the skills that they acquired throughout the school year, and provide them with a great opportunity for social interaction.


  1. Plan a daily schedule.  If your child is not attending summer camp, try to fill his day with activities that help him learn new experiences such as arts and crafts, story time, cooking, assisting in some chores around the house, and construction play.  A daily schedule with visual aids will help children with special needs to know what to expect throughout the day and help to regulate their behavior.   


  1. Outdoor activities are fun for all children. Take time to enjoy the sunshine by playing at parks, visiting museums, going to the zoo, swimming, washing the car, messy play with water and sand, riding a bike, and having picnics. Outdoor activities provide a chance to gain new experiences and generalize their skills across different settings and environments.


  1. Play dates are very important for building relationships, developing social skills, increasing confidence, making new friends and maintaining friendships from the school year.  Invite some friends to join in any of the above activities to share the fun.


  1. Family activities: summertime provides the family with more opportunities to spend time together. Family activities provide family members with time to talk together, relate information, share memories, and have fun. So take that chance in hanging out more as a family.


  1. Photos: be sure to take many photos of exciting gatherings, activities, and outings so that your child can go back to school with stories to tell their teachers and friends. 

Summer is here, so enjoy it and have a blast!


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