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A science fueled individual overpowered by the left side of the brain except where my right side takes over and writes this series! All details are from my real life and i choose to stay anonymous, well for now at least! 

Articles By Decoding hope :

My journey with conceiving: How my husband and I reconnected
Grief in the dictionary is defined as intense sorrow, especially caused by someone's death. Losing hope for me qualifies as a grim death.  There are five...
I will never quit before my miracle happens
Beginner’s luck? Third time’s a charm? Lucky number seven? The list goes on and on and, unfortunately, on-again, for every trial of IVF our hopes rose higher and...
How IVF changed my perspective on life
Person: "How many kids do you have?" Me: "None." "Oh really, how long have you been married?" Me: "X years." "Oh!" (Awkward silence) For me, this is a typical conversation...

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