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Bessma is a mother of five children, who has loved writing since she was eight years old. She has maintained her own parenting blog ( since September 2010 and is also a contributor to World Moms Network.

Contrary to how things usually happen, Bessma started her career when she had her third baby and was pregnant with her fourth. She opened a life skills center for little children which focuses on three major points; Nurturing a love of the Arabic Language, encouraging creativity through open-ended art activities and teaching children life skills and independence.

Bessma is also an active member of the Saut Down Syndrome Society in Riyadh. After 10 months of intensive study and practice Bessma gained her Peaceful Parent Coaching Degree and now is setting up her coaching practice called Ahl أهل with the aim of encouraging mothers and fathers to parent wholeheartedly and forgivingly.

She’s originally from Saudi Arabia and lives in Riyadh with her husband and children.

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