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What I didn't see coming while weaning my toddler

What I didn't see coming while weaning my toddler
Published : May 28 , 2018
Latest Update : July 12 , 2021

By: Dua'a Nabulsi, a mother of one 

Two weeks ago, I made up my mind and decided to wean my child after his second birthday (it was two days then until his birthday). Although I had been preparing both of us for this moment for six months and I knew that he couldn't stay away from me for very long without needing to be fed, it still wasn't an easy step to take.

Any mother who breastfed or still is breastfeeding her child will understand my predicament, also, being a first-time mom is what encouraged me to share my experience with you.

Breastfeeding my little one for two years created a very special relationship between him and me; It had given us many private moments to get to know each other very well, to understand our reactions towards what we like and what we don't, to study every detail in his face and his tiny hands, and to build a very unique and healthy foundation to kick off our mother-son relationship.

I must admit that, sometimes, at the beginning of my motherhood journey, I found it challenging to find suitable conditions to nurse, whether it was the place, the time or even my psychological state. It was especially true when my baby rejected the bottle I'd offered him and my chances of using any expressed milk flew out the window (not to mention some people's criticism of me and their attempts to put me off breastfeeding). 

But I realized that nursing my son whenever he needed it was at the top of my priority list, which made it even more difficult to accept that at some point in time, I have to wean him and this physical and emotional connection will fade away. 

The day had come as planned one week after his birthday. I was too scared and nervous to start. "What if he is still too young?" "What if he cries too much? Would I stand for it?" "Is he ready for such a step?" And the scariest questions were: "Does that mean he doesn't need me anymore?" and "Will I continue to be his favourite like before?" I would never know if I didn't try.

I remembered what one reputable doctor once told me about weaning: "Don't offer if he doesn't ask for it but don't refuse if he does." I have taken her advice since then and it's time to reap what I sowed. Surprisingly, he didn't ask to be breastfed the entire day as I made sure to keep him busy with activities and full after eating all his favourite foods.

When nighttime came, he was very happy and exhausted; he fell asleep without needing to be fed! The second morning he asked to be breastfed, however, I got some help by using some Turkish coffee to add colour to my breasts, and when he saw it, he was too disgusted to approach my breasts. When he asked again after a couple of hours, I told him, using a phrase that we both used to describe any non-edible or yucky things, that it was not yummy anymore, and it worked! He repeated my words without any tantrums nor any attempts to change my mind.

I was really astonished! It worked! It took us less than 48 hours to do the job. I felt glad that I didn't wean him before or immediately, that I gave him all I could unconditionally.

I am grateful for my little one, who hasn't stopped giving every family member his cuddly hugs since then, who proved to me that a mother is more valued than she thinks she is, that her presence is important not only because of any service that she offers and that no matter how old we become, or how far we are, she will always be our safest place to hide.

Today I am proud to announce that one of the most loveable chapters of my life has ended, but I know for sure that it is not the end and the best is yet to come.


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