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11 Interactive Activities away from the Digital World

11 Interactive Activities away from the Digital World
Published : July 10 , 2018
Latest Update : February 17 , 2022
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Let us just imagine our kids on their favorite technology, whether it is a game, video, notepad, laptop or simply TV. Now imagine taking that technology away from them! A nightmare is simply an understatement.

We are sure that this happens in most of our homes. So, what can we do to correct the problem? Try taking them back to a simpler time, when no electronics or technology existed.  

We understand the difficulty of the situation, and we do realize that the easiest option is to give up and give them their technology back. But what if you do not? Your kids will start to get bored and wander around not knowing what to do. Let them be bored, this will definitely spike their creativity and will make them create their own games.

When we were kids we did not spend our time sitting inside and playing video games; we would come up with new games and ideas to spend our time which did not include frying our brains with technology. Let us try to give our children a taste of the fun we used to have and let them be kids! Here are some ideas on what we can do to help them fill their time without video games!

  1. Read outside. Not only does reading stimulate the imagination, it also helps build up needed literacy skills! Kids might enjoy the concept of reading more if it is done outside, say in a garden or a park.


  1. Adopt the sunny day rule. Whenever the weather is nice and it’s a beautiful day out, make your children go outside and play.


  1. Got dirt? Why not buy a load of sand for your kids and those beachy plastic buckets and shovels and invite them to build a sand castle together? You can simply put the sand in a container to ensure a tidy home.


  1. Invite nature into your life. Try letting them plant different plants in pots, we are sure every mother would appreciate having some fresh mints in her house! A pet can also be a good distraction and will give them a sense of responsibility!


  1. Dance! Put on some music and spend some time jumping and dancing around! It’s a good exercise as well!


  1. Get crafty and let them make cards and write letters to other family members. Their grandparents, for example, would love a special gift from their favorite kids. 


  1. Build a couch fort. You would all agree that it was an absolute favorite game growing up, building forts in the living room using cushion and blankets will always be a fun activity for kids and all ages.  


  1. Play a board game and invest in trying new ones!  Puzzles are always a great option for all ages. In addition, such games strengthen the bonds between family members and develop vital teamwork and social skills.


  1. Make your own playdough: ENOUGH said! You’ll have them busy playing with it for hours. 


  1. Bake. A simple cake can be so much fun to make together. If one of them is old enough to use the kitchen alone, give them a chance to follow a recipe. Let them see what ingredients are available and what’s missing. This will help with their planning skills as well!  


  1. Play with water. A simple water fight, with or without balloons, will be extremely fun! Go outside and let them have fun getting soaked!


Childhood happens once in a lifetime and it’s our responsibility to let our kids experience it ultimately. It might take extra effort from our side but the change this experience makes is worthy, and our little ones will thank us later.


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