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What is croup in children and when should you see a doctor?

What is croup in children and when should you see a doctor?
Published : June 09 , 2022
Latest Update : June 16 , 2022
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Young children may be exposed to some diseases as a result of exposure to various different types of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, knowing the health problems that the child may be exposed to and knowing their symptoms is one of the most important things that you should focus on when you become a parent, which helps you to make the best decision since the discovery of the problem or the beginning of its appearance. Symptoms and one of the health problems that a child may be exposed to is croup, which is defined as the swelling of the upper airway and is caused in most cases by infection of children with the virus.

Its symptoms usually intensify at night, and children may develop fever and cold symptoms at first, and coughing is one of the most symptoms that indicate croup or croup because it is caused by the narrowing of the airway from swelling.

What are the symptoms of croup:

  • Cough
  • Stridor (a harsh, jerky sound when breathing in)
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Difficulty bending the neck
  • Fever
  • Restlessness or nervousness at night or when breathing is difficult

When do you consider taking your kid's emergency department urgently.?

  1. Your child has trouble breathing Or is pulling in the chest to breathe
  2. Your child looks pale or blue, especially around the mouth lips fingernails or toenails
  3. Your child passes out
  4. The cool mist fails to clear up the strider in 20 minutes
  5. Your child is uncomfortable or unable to sleep
  6. Your child is drooling or has trouble swallowing
  7. Your child has a high fever
  8. Your child seems to be getting tired or sick
  9. Do you have any concerns or the child is rapidly getting worse?

How to treat the disease: 

Croup treatment requires the use of oral budesonide or a nebulizer in addition to a nebulizer of epinephrine given under the supervision of a doctor. If the patient does not improve, he may need oral or intramuscular corticosteroids for 3 days.


How to prevent the disease? 

To protect your child from injury, you can follow the tips below:

  1. Follow the same steps you use to prevent colds and flu.
  2. Keeping hands clean
  3. Keep your child away from sick people
  4. Don't send your sick kid to nursery or school 




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