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Dr. Rasha Qaqish Pediatrics

Lived her childhood in Jordan, graduated from the Ahliyyah School for Girls as an A* IGCSE graduate. After that, she finished medical school at Jordan University.m then did an internship year at Jordan Hospital and worked at Queen Rania Children Hospital in 2012 for a year with some of the best doctors in Jordan.

Then she moved to Qatar and did Pediatric Residency at Hamad hospital, an ACGME-I accredited program affiliated with Cornell University. Hamad hospital is the only governmental primary hospital in Qatar, so the patients were a mix of severe complicated intensive care patients and children coming for vaccinations. Then after finishing the  Pediatrics residency, she moved to the USA, specializing in pulmonology, asthma, and allergy medicine. 

Meanwhile She opened a page عيادة الدكتورة رشا منير قاقيش, and started helping mothers all over the world. Answering their questions and posting about the most common subjects.

She now has her private clinic in amman-khalda, covering pediatrics, pulmonology, asthma and allergy patients.  

For her, pediatrics is not a career it’s a passion and a lifestyle. her page is for free and its goal is to help moms and keep them updated.

Meanwhile, She opened an online page, "ASK A PEDIATRICIAN," to help mothers worldwide, answer their questions, and post about the most common subjects they need.

Now The page has around 17,000 patients. For me, Pediatrics is not a career; it's a passion and a lifestyle. My page is for free, and its goal is to help moms and keep them updated.

Articles By Dr. Rasha Qaqish:

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