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Back to School Food for the Brain

Back to School Food for the Brain
Published : October 10 , 2016
Latest Update : June 07 , 2022
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A new school year has started! With the right nutrition you can make this year the best for your children. We know how hectic pre-school preparation can get but don’t forget to stock up your fridge and cabinets with food that boosts brain power.

Here are 6 components to help your child stay alert and energized during school hours.

  1. Water:

    Staying well hydrated is one of the most important factors to prevent fatigue and promote concentration during school time. Water is the best beverage you can give your child, and if you want to add a little twist to regular water, you can add a slice of lemon, mint, orange or any other fruit or vegetable.
  2. Whole grains:

    whole grains are known to be rich in folate, B vitamins and fibers. Latest studies have shown that B vitamins improve memory function and concentration. The fibers found in whole grains will help in maintaining steady blood glucose levels to supply energy to the brain for a longer period of time. Make sure to go for 100% whole wheat bread (look at the ingredients list and make sure whole wheat flour is the first ingredient). Switch to whole wheat cereals containing at least 3 grams of fibers per serving. 
  3. Nuts and seeds:

      one of the most important nutrients for brain development is omega 3 fatty acid found in a variety of nuts and seeds such as ground flaxseed, walnuts and almonds. Incorporate nuts in either your child’s snack, smoothie, oatmeal, salad or sandwich.
  4. Avocado:

    This fatty fruit is high in monounsaturated fat which promotes healthy blood flow to the brain. You can add it as a spread to your child’s sandwiches. You can also add it to salads or turn it into a guacamole dip.
  5. Beans:

    just like whole grains, beans are very high in fibers and they help in maintaining a stable blood sugar level. They are also high in iron which is key in promoting brain function and achieving higher IQ scores.

    Here are some ideas to incorporate beans:

  • Fava beans and chickpeas for breakfast
  • hummus sandwich
  • Lentil soup
  • Hummus and vegetable dip

6. Dark chocolate:

who doesn’t love chocolate! Dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) has powerful antioxidant properties, and contains several natural stimulants, including caffeine. It enhances focus and concentration; it also stimulates the production of endorphins which help in improving the mood.


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