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6 Nutrition tips for a healthy pregnancy

6  Nutrition tips for a healthy pregnancy
Published : September 12 , 2019
Latest Update : April 26 , 2021
Bara’a Haikal Bara’a Haikal
Clinical nutritionist graduated from Hashemite university in Jordan, she is certified for many training courses including nutrition for diabetic cases, pregnancy and... more

Written by: Bara'ah Haikal, nutrition specialist

Are you planning to get pregnant? Well, it is not early to start a healthy diet, now it’s the time! And you don’t have to wait until you are pregnant.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet before pregnancy boost fertility and support your baby growth at the first trimester.

So, what are the nutrients do you need to increase before getting pregnant? Here is the nutrition guide for you:

  1. Folic acid:

    a type of vitamin B that is very important to take before pregnancy, it’s needed to complete the development of baby’s brain and spinal cord in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

    Food sources of folate:

  • Citrus fruits

  • Legumes, beans and lentils

  • Fortified cereals.

  • Green leafy vegetables

  1. Iron:

    storing iron helps prepare a mother’s body for all fetus needs during pregnancy.

    ​Food sources of iron:

  • Fortified Whole grain

  • Legumes

  • Green leafy vegetables

  • Red meat, poultry and fish

  1. Calcium:

    it’s important for “mom to be” to build strong bones before getting pregnant

    Food sources of calcium:

  • Kale, broccoli and red beans

  • Milk and dairy products:

  1. Iodine:

    it is needed for baby’s brain development and nervous system

    Food sources of iodine:

  • Dairy products and eggs

  • Sea food

  1. Eating a balanced diet that contains all food groups

    (grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and healthy fat) can help you to gain the recommended weight, support a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications.
  2. Limit your consumption of caffeine (2 mugs per day are enough)



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