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Lara Samawi is an Architect and Interior Designer from Jordan, she is the Founder of the food blog Dates with Lara. She is a self-taught cook, she has never studied this profession in any school or got any training, except once when she attended a decoration one-day class at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Amman.
She likes to go through cookbooks, food blogs and tasting new dishes from all around the world, which gives her inspiration. Trying the recipes and adding her own touch is something that comes naturally from within.
When it comes to food and cooking, she has almost an appetite for all kinds of food, the savory, the sweet, the bitter and the sour. Experimenting new recipes with a unique combination of ingredients is something she enjoys the most.
Some of her favorite things are dates, seafood, and tea. She is a huge tea drinker and collector, and she also loves experimenting with new tea blends and tea brands.

Articles By Lara Samawi:

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Ramadan Menu from Lara: Day Twenty Four
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Recipe Lara Samawi:

How to make Classic Apple Crisp ?
Warm soft baked apples blanketed with crisps of caramelized streusel topping with a scoop of ice cream on the side. This classic apple crisp recipe...

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