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For better and Safe Sleep for Babies

For better and Safe Sleep for Babies
Published : October 17 , 2015
Latest Update : July 24 , 2022
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It’s the first time your baby has slept a 4 to 5 hour chunk, and you awake completely startled.  Realizing babe hasn’t cried out like usual, you rush over to the crib, gently place your hand on his tummy or in front of his face, and wait for reassurance he’s breathing and well. At some point or another, all moms worry about their babe’s safety during sleep.  It’s a very important topic and needs to be addresses and considered.  So how do you provide secure, safe sleep for your infant?  Look at the tips below and see if there are any adjustments you need to make.

  • Always place your newborn on his back for nighttime sleep and naps.
  • Baby should sleep on a firm surface with taut, fitted sheets.  Babies should never be placed to sleep on soft surfaces or loose-fitting sheets.
  • Don’t keep toys, pillows, or blankets in the crib while your baby sleeps. Crib bumpers are also hazardous for small babes.
  • If you want to co-sleep, that’s fine.  But make sure the baby is besideyour bed rather than in it.
  • Adjust the room temperature between 20 and 23 degrees.  Baby should be wearing one extra layer than what mom and dad are wearing.
  • Wearable blankets and sleep sacks are a much better option than loose blankets.


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