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Changes on your teeth during pregnancy

Changes on your teeth during pregnancy
Published : February 13 , 2019
Latest Update : May 21 , 2022
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During pregnancy the body goes through so many changes some of which will affect the mother’s teeth and gums.

Those changes may include:

  1. Hormonal changes accompanied by pregnancy:

    These changes can make the gums more sensitive, inflamed, bleed easily, and might even be swollen, it might also cause a pregnancy epulis, or a pyogenic granuloma which is a localised swelling that can bleed easily. That is why professional cleaning at the clinic is important for pregnant women.
  2. Morning sickness:

    It can also affect teeth, due to the acidic nature of the stomach, that is why I advise my patients, to rinse their mouth with flouridated mouthwash or water after vomiting and avoid brushing their teeth for at least 30-60 minutes.
  3. Unusual cravings for food:

    From which many pregnant women are suffering, like the regular desire for sugary snacks, it is usually advised that this kind of food need to be substituted for low-sugar food.

And due to all of these changes a mother might undergo during pregnancy, mothers are frightened about not getting the proper opportunity to get many things back after delivery, so they tend to have some optional dental procedures for their teeth to make sure they have the beautiful appearance they want to have after giving birth.

One of those operations they may choose is to have Veneers, which is a thin custom- made shell-like objects, constructed from special material in dental labs and cemented on teeth in order to alter their appearance, shape, color, etc..., to improve the patient’s smile.

The preparation procedure and application of veneers can require the patient to be lying down on the dental chair for long periods of time which can be uncomfortable for pregnant women especially in the third trimester.

The application of veneers is considered a safe procedure during pregnancy, but still we prefer to postpone it like any other elective procedure after the baby is born.

So, my advice to you is to postpone all elective cosmetic dental procedures. But that DOES NOT include regular checkups and cleaning appointments, Fillings, and painful teeth.


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