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Summer Fun for your Kids with Mamas Rewards

Summer Fun for your Kids with Mamas Rewards
Published : July 08 , 2018
Latest Update : September 25 , 2023

Finding the right activity for your child is a challenge indeed, especially during the long summer vacation. As parents, you have many choices around you, but it can tricky to know which places and activities fit your child best.

360Moms Rewards Team has compiled for you a list of best summer activities, play areas and groups that will definitely cater all your children’s’ needs, and the best part is – if you are a Mamas Rewards cardholder you will get exclusive offers to these places and fun programs. (Get you card now)

Here is the list:

Sports Sessions and Classes

Encouraging children to participate in outdoor/indoor activities, such as sports, helps them explore and develop skills which are vital to their growth and development. By participating in sports, children get exposed to various mental, social, emotional, and physical benefits.

Swimming Lessons

15% discount for the swimming courses.

10% discount on all morning sessions from (8:00 - 1:00).

Sports Classes

15% off on basketball training classes

 10% on any registration for all card holder

10% discount on the uniform


Talent and Skills Development Programs

All children have abilities of one sort or another, your child might be the first in the family to have passion in gymnastics or music or might have an exquisite skill in solving math problems. Talent can appear in any form but may need drawing out in order to shine. Check out these programs:

A free class pass AND:

  • 15% off registration fees for KiddyKeys group classes (ages 1-5 years)
  • 10% off registration fees for private one-on-one classes (ages 5 and above)
  • Mind Matters

    • Cognitive Assessment / Buy one get one free (one assessment is worth JD100)
    • Brain Training Program / Discount Value JD 400 (cash discount JD 160 plus free sessions worth JD 240)
  • International Robotics Academy

15% discount on all courses for the year except for summer camp programs.

Summer Camps and Play Areas

Everyone knows that summer day camp can be great for school-age kids and their families. Camp gives kids the exposure to new experiences, teach them how to make friends, learn new skills, and get some exercise. It also helps working parents who need childcare during the summer months.

Special offer from PlayGround

  • 15% discount on one birthday.
  • 15% discount on one PlayGround event.

Special offer from Indigo

  • 15% discount on any one Public Event
  • Yippee!

    • Special rates for entry fees for cardholders' kids (almost 20% discount, tax included)
    • 15% off to Mamas Rewards cardholders for summer camp.
  • Play Mats

1 free class (4+1 free) for the whole year.

15% on everything (free play time, birthday party, classes, play dates, events, activities)


We wish you an amazing, fun and awarding summer vacation with your families. We try our best to make your life easier and to provide your children with top products and services to stimulate their development and satisfy their day to day needs.

Best wishes from Mamas Rewards!

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