8 Ridiculously romantic ways we want to get proposed to

8 Ridiculously romantic ways we want to get proposed to
Published : November 09 , 2020
Latest Update : September 25 , 2023
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Valentine’s Day is a long way away from now but we can’t help but feel the love in the air.

Year-round, the Internet is bombarded with posts from happy couples announcing their engagement, yet only a few of them capture our attention. But it isn’t the lucky ladies’ sparklers that leave us dazzled, it’s the grooms-to-be’s utterly romantic and unique proposal ideas that have us well up with emotion and fill us with an abundance of warm and fuzzy feelings.

If telepathy doesn't do the job, perhaps you could “accidentally” send one of these videos to your future husband?

1. Sleeping Beauty proposal

a guy proposing to a girl in a sleeping beauty movie character

Going to the cinema has never felt this good. Watch the proposal video here.

2. Aussie guy proposes to girlfriend in a packed cinema. Best wedding proposal EVER!

a guy proposing to a girl

Another unforgettable movie theatre experience. Watch the proposal video here.

3. She Planned Her Own Proposal and Didn't Even Know it!!

a guy proposing to a girl in a place full of baloons

It's exactly how it sounds. Watch the proposal video here.

4. Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal

a group of people pointing at a girl

This is so creative and took A LOT of effort to put together. Watch the proposal video here.

5. He Loved Her Since They Were 10. This Is How He Proposed (Matty Mac - The Proposal)

a guy proposing to a girl

Oh, true love <3. His plan was quite clever too. Watch the proposal video here.

6. Courtney & Alan: The Dance Competition Marriage Proposal

a girl being proposed to in a dance competition

When someone is willing to go this far to propose to you, you say YES! Watch the proposal video here.

7. This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes

a guy holding a meme poster that says nobody makes me as happy as she does

Personalized memes to show your girl how much you love her? Yes, please! Watch the proposal video here.

8. Marriage Proposal: Proposing to my girlfriend... with Minecraft

a guy proposing to a girl in a Minecraft theme

Turning your fave game into a tool to propose to your girl is genius. Watch the proposal video here.


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