6 styling tips you need to consider for a confident look

6 styling tips you need to consider for a confident look
November 21 , 2019

Written by: Tamara Al Bitar

Cultivating your own unique style develops your capability to be charismatic and confident.

You start revealing influence in just about any surrounding without even intentionally to do so. In order to build your own unique self-brand you should gather inspirations regularly.

I listed below couple of styling tips that can help in identifying your style signature.

1. Balance proportions

Balance is a key concept in dressing and there are many ways to approach it through balancing clothing volume and pairing loose with fitted, more of your true figure shape is revealed.

Balancing figure volume can create visual balance within the figure itself. Adding volume to the opposite half can have the intended effect, if you have a pronounced bust or hips that you wish to balance.

Another approach that has to be considered is balancing colors and matching them perfectly.

2. Develop a signature style

Having a signature look adds a substantial amount of self- knowledge.

Knowing your signature look and having self confidence will enhance what you are trying to express through your look makes it all more powerful.

3. Curate your colors to suit your skin tone:

Finding your skin undertone and the complexion of your skin is crucial and can help you discover the best shades of color to wear.

There are three categories where most people fall between: cool, warm and neutral.

4. Step out of your comfort zone

Be creative and experiment with different colors and change your color palette. Incorporate new patterns such as floral, stripes, zigzags, etc… can be another easy way to step out of your fashion comfort zone.

5. Gather inspiration

Constantly stimulating your mind with endless possibilities. You can be inspired by a blogger, a fashion icon or a specific era and incorporate these inspirations into your personal style.

6. Learn how to layer

Mastering how to layer your clothes needs practice and creativeness. The art of layering is best achieved when you keep your look to one or two color families.

Choosing the right length of layers, rolling up sleeves, cuffing shirts all add subtle touches to your outfit.

In addition; focusing on fabrics and mixing various textures is essential for layering and playing with proportion is everything when it comes to layering.

Those tips can help you create your own style of clothing, increase your self-esteem and help you shine wherever you go!


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