7 Ideas to make the most of Summer Break with your kids

7 Ideas to make the most of Summer Break with your kids
Published : August 13 , 2017
Latest Update : February 22 , 2022
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Once summer break hits, we get all excited about late mornings and having a break of the fast-paced morning routines. Even, our kids, they would be looking forward for two things playing all day and watching TV. But, two months spent lazing around till noon in bed is not a particularly good idea. And it makes it much harder to get back to school routine. During summer holidays, it is easy to get caught up in the thrill of decreased responsibility. But at the same time, it is important to follow a daily routine that gives children a sense of structure and tranquility. Start by helping your children in deciding their summer goals will give them a clear idea about what they want to achieve. Write it down, and put it somewhere where they will see it first thing every morning. and make sure to support and encourage them often so they will feel that you understand their ambitions.

And to make it easier on you, we have put together some ideas for you and your children to allow you to have a productive, enjoyable, and regret-free summer vacation:

  1. Make a To-Do List:

    Write a simple to-do list, ideally at the start of each week. Look at any scheduled commitments (social events, work) and fit other tasks around them. Try to spread things across the summer. Having a to-do list can really help keep your mind on track. It ensures you do not get to the end of the summer and think “I wish I’d got around to doing that.”
  1. Waking up early:

    Nothing eats away a summer break like staying beneath the covers. Decide with your children the previous day when they will get out of bed, then make sure to follow through.
  1. Maintain a good diet and exercise:

    Summer is a great time to get in shape, or stay in shape. Consider joining a summer sport, or at the very least get outside and have fun every day.
  1. Encourage your children to Read:

    Reading exercises the brain by stretching the imagination, which leads ultimately to greater creativity. In addition, reading is a great way for children to learn new vocabulary and challenge themselves mentally. Help your children choose a list of books or accompany them to a library where they can have a new experience and meet new friends. Parents, as well, will benefit from starting a book group and by doing this they are creating a role model for their children and giving them a new idea for something to do with their friends.
  1. Encourage your kids to join a volunteer group of some sort:

    All communities have some sort of voluntary work or internship programs. They will stay in contact with friends, have a great sense of accomplishment, stay active, and even help others!
  1. Suggest to your kids to start a summer business:

    This may differ depending on their age. However, make sure that it is age-appropriate and that you will follow through. Some ideas include a lemonade stand, babysitting, or getting a summer job at a local library or restaurant. Encourage them to apply to different places.
  1. Encourage them to go to a camp and learn something new:

    If they have always loved basketball, why not try swimming, rock climbing, or even art as a summer camp? If they love languages, why not try learning a new language? the list goes on and on. Let them try something different that they know nothing whatsoever about, they will not only gain a new skill, in addition they will get out of their comfort zone and possibly find a lifelong love. Another upside is that they have a lot of time to practice and put their skill to use!


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