Books to help your children with their first school days

Books to help your children with their first school days
Published : August 19 , 2019
Latest Update : June 09 , 2022
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September, the month where the weather turns and the kids go back to school! After the long fun days of summer, some children might be reluctant to return to the rigor of academic life. Others might have recently moved to a new school and find the transition daunting. And for others, this September might mark their first day ever at preschool.

Books about school offer a good way to help children deal with the transition from days spent at home to days spent in the classroom.

We’ve put together a list of books about school that offer a wonderful opportunity to start a conversation with your children about the topic. 

I am Too Absolutely Small for School – A Charlie and Lola Book

(Reading Level 6+, Interest Level 2+)

We’ve always enjoyed Lauren Child’s Charlie and Lola series, and this is no exception. Lola is convinced she is far too young to go to school, but her older brother Charlie reassures her that school is a fun place to go. When Lola does go to school, she discovers that Charlie was right.

First Week at Cow School

(Reading Level 5+, Interest Level 2+)

Every time we read aloud Andy Cutbill’s The Cow that Laid an Egg, we laugh till our sides hurt. It’s no surprise that his book First Week at Cow School made our list! It’s Daisy first day at school, but she feels like the odd one out. Her paintings look different from the others, she doesn’t have a tail to swish in her mooovement class, and she feels all out of whack in mooosic class. Daisy is having a rough time, but then the chickens suggest she try flying lessons, and that is where her natural abilities seem to shine.

Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School

(Reading Level 5+, Interest Level 3+)

This is a wonderful book by David Mackintosh about tolerance and acceptance. Marshall Armstrong doesn’t fit the mold. He’s different from the other kids in many ways, from the way his shoes are tied to the food he eats. One day, Marshall invites his classmates over for a party where they can do things differently, like looking at the sky through a telescope and playing with a piñata. Lo and behold, the kids all have a wonderful time stepping out of the norm.


First Day of School

(Reading Level 5+, Interest Level 3+)

No list is complete without a book by the oh-so-talented Taghreed Najjar! First Day of School is one of the best books to address separation anxiety when children start the academic year. Raneem is excited about going to school, but she is also anxious and uncertain. Her fears are greatly compounded when her mother leaves her at school on the first day. How does she overcome her fears?

Note: interest level means the age during which the parent can read the book aloud to the child, since the child is likely to sit through most of the reading or all of it.


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