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"Empowering women through healthy living- Jordan" book release

Empowering women through healthy living- Jordan book release
July 21 , 2020

Covid-19 knocked our doors down, and no one saw it coming, preventing many projects and ideas from being accomplished. Among which was Launching the book “Empowering Women through Healthy Living – Jordan”.

which presents and features the stories of many incredible women who have been able to overcome huge challenges in their lives.

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Although the launching event of the book was cancelled out of caution by its authors, this did not stop them from sharing it, because they believe that now more than ever people need to read empowering and valuable insight to navigate this pandemic.

“Who would have thought that we would be launching a book about ‘healthy living’ in the midst of a global pandemic!” expressed Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, who is one of the book’s creators.

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“Empowering Women through Healthy Living (EWHL) – Jordan” is a bilingual book featuring moving stories of 45 women from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds who live in Jordan, and their wellness advice on how to balance body, mind, and soul.

A portion of the proceeds of every book sold will go to support the UN World Food Programme and the Royal Health Awareness Society.

The book also features 17 articles written by experts in an information section ranging from nutrition, beauty, exercise, medical tourism, mental health, parenting, and breast cancer.

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It also includes a business section that shares insights on starting and scaling businesses and monetizing social media. 

And another capturing success stories of 21 women who have contributed to the health and fitness sectors in Jordan, all aiming to inspire and promote health and wellness throughout the country.

woman holding a book

“Empowering Women through Healthy Living – Jordan” was brought together by Dina Saoudi, Zeina Sahyoun, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Nooralhuda Dajani, and the Et™️ team.

"Working on EWHL - Jordan was an enlightening experience,” said Zeina Sahyoun, while Nooralhuda Dajani felt that “reading the book is as if you are having coffee with each and every woman in it.”

woman holding a book

EWHL – Jordan is the third book of its series, conceived by Seven Circles, published by Jabal Amman Publishers and printed locally by the nearly 100-year-old National Press.

“We have believed in the vision of Empowering through™️ from day one and are delighted to be supporting yet another project in the series that impacts lives and creates change,” said Sinan Sweiss, Managing Director of Jabal Amman Publishers.

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This project was made possible in partnership with: the Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, MedLabs Consultancy Group, Fine Hygienic Holding, Readers, Blue Fig, DNA KABS, Lexus, Cozmo, 17 Ventures, Juthour, PanMed Events, Hubb, FittiCoin, Relief, Adawat, Sacred Space, Salad Jar, Generations for Peace, Tobacco Free Jordan, Jordan Football Association, Amman Road Runners, Autism MENA, Ras Il Jabal, MicroFund for Women, AllympiaPass, 360 Moms, Habayebna, Ithra’ Jordan’s Olympic Committee, and the Jordan Paralympic Committee.

Empowering through™️ is a new breed of social enterprise bringing together representation from all stakeholders -- aid agencies, private and public sectors, academia, impact funds, and civil society to work together to support individuals with economic and social empowerment through a series of projects, programs, and initiatives. Empowering through™️ is a partnership between Seven Circles and Xische Ventures.

“We are grateful to our partners and contributors and are thrilled to shed light on stories of our inspirational women with the world,” said Seven Circles’ co-founders Dina Saoudi and Abdul Majeed Shoman Jr.

The book is now available at Readers, Jamalon, and Jabal Amman Publishers. For more information check out


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