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My message to every woman...

August 15 , 2018
Sarah Shafagoj
Sarah Shafagoj, a proud mama to three boys 10, 8 and 2.5,  She studied marketing at the University of Jordan and she is currently a stay at home...More

Do not be surprised that I am bringing up a subject that is so common and has been discussed a lot and still is… Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the one and only, BODY IMAGE issue, that I will be sharing with you…

Have you ever been told that you are the slow kid who could not join the race? Ever been compared to cousins and told you were chubby and needed to watch out? Ever looked in the mirror and hated absolutely every inch of your body? Well, I have! And this issue grew with me and remained for a very long time.

As I grew up it never got easier, the society, the media, the peer pressure, comparing yourself to unrealistic people who would starve themselves or get involved in plastic surgeries to look a certain way! But why all that? Because you have got to perfect that body or else you will not fit in.

Because you grew up hating your looks and hating your body because no one taught you how to love yourself. No one told you that your heart and soul matter too, because you grew up in a place where everyone was dieting and suffering, a place where the chubby girl or boy were the outcasts.

My Three Amazing Kids

So, what happened in the following chapters of my life? Naturally, I kept dieting, binging and exercising like crazy…. the cycle of self-hate just kept going on and on.

I am sharing this with you because I aspire to help as many people as I can by sharing my own experience in this particular issue. Not so many people are open with their stories, and mine is not that special but believe me that behind so many closed doors you will find horrific stories, some are anorexic, some bulimic, antisocial and much more.

Asking for professional help in this area is a must, you will be amazed at how little you know about yourself, and with how many beautiful things you have and what an amazing individual you are. The plot continues to thicken, we go out for fun and end up worrying about how many calories we indulged in, how much weight we have gained or how guilty and disgusted with ourselves we feel, and sadly, the list goes on!

But let us always remind ourselves, nothing stays the way it is if we make an effort to change it.

God sent some amazing people my way, people who have helped me and others understand the behaviors and emotions we go through, people who taught us to love ourselves and our bodies. Every day I was getting better at appreciating my body, I will not say I am completely content nor the process is easy because it seems like there is always more work to be done. So instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and pointing out your flaws, try to find something you like about yourself, my dear nutritionist, who helped me through this, told me once to look myself in the eye and say the words “I LOVE YOU”, I broke down, I felt so sorry for myself, for not loving myself and not being there for myself, I did not realise how much I did myself wrong until that exact moment.

So basically, this is how the process went, she taught me to understand my body and emotions. I learned to understand emotional eating and what triggered my emotional eating habits, I am happy to say it has been a while since I binge ate. My lessons taught me how to enjoy food, and not beat myself up after a hefty fatty meal.

Me... challenging myself in one of my training sessions

I started perceiving myself differently and kept constantly appreciating my good traits, with time, I started to pay less notice to my physical flaws. With that came the understanding of exercise, it became a form of therapy, a time for my outer and inner self, it was no longer a way to burn off fat, but rather burn off steam, and to this day, exercise gives me a sense of euphoria, an inner happiness that little things in life are able to provide, and when you start looking at things differently and realise how much your body can achieve, you will change your mind, I did kickboxing, which gave me a lot of confidence, I am currently weight lifting and my body is getting much stronger.

I became better at controlling my behavior and my patterns, and this, put me in a better relationship with myself, never to take for granted, I shall always work for a better lighter future.  

We need, to get stronger and healthier; to prepare our bodies for better aging, fewer injuries, and hey!! Wait a minute, no one said there is anything wrong with wanting to look better and fitter. But let us really start working on our mindsets, let us work hard towards changing this common stereotype and break this evil mold of what we should look like and who we should look like. Let us set ourselves free once and for all.

God bless.