Girl Gone Viral: Four-year-old painter shows Instagram how it’s done

Girl Gone Viral: Four-year-old painter shows Instagram how it’s done
November 26 , 2020
Arwad Khalifeh Arwad Khalifeh
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Many of us found our hidden talents during the Corona-lockdown; I found a talented four-year-old painter on Instagram! “Wow” was the first word I said out loud when I came across the profile of Jude Nusir; abstract art is her thing and, boy, is she a pro at it.

Not many children are capable of producing such pieces of art at this tender age, which is why I had to speak to Jude’s mum, Hala Al Majali, to find out more about her daughter’s gift, how she nurtures it and what plans are being made for the rising star’s future.

Hala, your daughter is incredible; when did you discover her gift for painting?

During the quarantine, so many things came alive within us; for Jude, she found a new way of expressing her passion through painting. She fills her free time with it and wows you all. She’s really having a blast making these paintings. 

What was your immediate reaction when you saw Jude’s first-ever art creation?

I got my mobile phone out and started filming her with a big smile on my face. I will never forget that day and the look in her eyes as she said to me, ”mommy I did it! Look at me.” Her tiny hands were covered in colours; she was literally covered head to toe in paint, but my baby was so proud of herself and of what she had achieved.

Did you show her work to friends and family, and what were their opinions?

Indeed, everyone was supportive and proud.

Talk to us about the way you’re nurturing Jude’s talent.

Like most parents, early on, I was on the lookout for my daughter’s passion; painting appeared to be it. I just sit back and observe and let her do what she loves with no pressure or judgment. I also encourage her to find that spark, whether it’s in painting or in anything else. It's important to be alert of what our kids are interested in and what they naturally gravitate towards.

You started an Instagram page for Jude, tell us more about that. 

It’s just a platform to share her art and paintings with her loved ones, nothing more :)

Do you sell some or all of Jude’s paintings?  

Yes, we’ve sold her first 13 paintings and 50% of all the proceeds went to charity, while the other half went to her piggy bank. She has to give in order to receive; she wants to go to Disneyland and her piggy bank is helping her to achieve that goal :)

How often does she paint?

She used to paint two paintings a week but she suddenly stopped, I don’t know why and I’m not willing to push her. I feel that because she’s still very young, she likes to try different things, discover herself in different hobbies and find her own identity! She’s into dancing these days, so let’s see how that goes :) 

Do any artists, if any, inspire Jude?

Not really, but she’s definitely into watching YouTube art tutorial videos and that’s where she gets her inspiration from. 

Do you think that she’s set to study art at university or will she just pursue a career as an artist?

Hmm, it’s too early to predict that. I will always have her back and support her no matter what she chooses to do. As I said before, she’s still four and her interests may change, but I’m sure that she will choose to do something that she truly loves. 

What are Jude’s other interests? Does she have other hidden talents? 

She loves dancing and singing. And one of her dream jobs is to be a ballet teacher :) 

Your plans for her future?

We all have big dreams for our kids, but it’s important to recognize that every child is unique, with their own desires and goals. My plan is very simple: give her what she needs - a good education, enrol her in different classes and courses, develop what she’s already gifted at and let her explore her options.

Jude is painting her own reality and we’re here for the long-haul to see how this gifted child progresses over time as we predict big things in her future. 

If you’d like to join her for the ride, click here to follow her on Instagram and to see/purchase one of her incredible paintings.


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