7 Things guaranteed to make your day better

7 Things guaranteed to make your day better
Published : November 26 , 2020
Latest Update : July 07 , 2021

By Rania Dawud

Surely you’re familiar with the frustrating feeling you get on slow days where nothing seems to be going right? On such days, you’d either be feeling overwhelmed by all the things you haven’t done or not quite content with the work you have done. 

At a certain point during a slow day, you would resign to the fact that it’s just a bad day. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! There are simple, accessible things you can do to turn things around and brighten up your day.

Here are seven things guaranteed to improve your day:

A cup of tea

There is nothing in this world that cannot be eased by a cup of tea. Making yourself a cup of tea will help you slow down, relax and keep you company while you work. Tip: use a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar. 


Sitcoms are perfect because their length makes them easy to squeeze in during breaks. Laughter is the best medicine and an episode of a beloved sitcom like Friends, New Girl or The Office can easily cheer you up and boost your mood. 

Walk outside 

Being cooped up indoors for a long period of time can make you restless and agitated, so it’s best to leave the house for a short walk around the block for some fresh air.

Tidy up your space

Sometimes when you’re feeling overwhelmed, being in a cluttered or messy space directly contributes to your frustration. By tidying up your desk, office or room, you’ll find yourself feeling more at ease and lightweight. 

Call a friend 

Reaching out to a friend and catching up with them (even for a few minutes) can instantly boost your mood. A phone call with a friend can leave you more inspired, energized and ready to face the tasks up ahead. 


It doesn’t need to be a full workout, but getting up and stretching your body will get your blood flowing, making you feel more flexible and refreshed. Stretching your arms and back will loosen up your muscles after being tensed up all day. 

Check something off your to-do list

Sometimes, what you really need is a win. Instead of focusing on the larger assignments at hand, give yourself small, achievable goals. Making the bed, eating a piece of fruit or reading an article are all tiny accomplishments that give you the much-needed sense of success.



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