A simple guide to decluttering your spaces

A simple guide to decluttering your spaces
Published : November 26 , 2020
Latest Update : August 26 , 2021

By Rania Dawud

Whenever minimalism or decluttering is mentioned, the first thing we think of is the extreme side of the spectrum, where homes are purged of their belongings. Luckily, that isn’t the case in this article. 

Professional tidier (yes, that’s a real thing) Marie Kondo has inspired thousands (if not millions) of people to declutter and tidy up their homes according to her KonMari method. Her method and philosophy are particularly helpful as they are centered around the idea of keeping items that “spark joy” in you. So, there is no pressure to get rid of anything that you like, unless that is, you!

Is your closet feeling a bit messy and chaotic? Is the office littered with too many papers you don’t understand? These helpful tips, courtesy of Kondo, will help you sort out the mess once and for all.

Make a plan

Know what your intentions are when you set out to declutter your belongings and commit to it. If you’re planning to organize your stuff, then you need to declutter first. 

The KonMari method recommends that you should declutter based on category rather than by rooms. For example, go through your clothes first, rather than the entire bedroom. She separates her categories based on clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and sentimental items. 

Listing the categories you want to tackle will help you break down what you need to do and make it less overwhelming. 

Take everything out

Whenever you’ve decluttered a certain category, make sure that you take out everything and put them in a pile. This will help put things into perspective as the things you love will easily stand out, and then you can evaluate what to do with the rest.  

The things you will definitely keep should be set aside into one pile, and the things you want to get rid of should be in a separate pile. 

Ask yourself if you love it

The KonMari method asks that we hold each item in our hands and ask if it “sparks joy” for us. Meaning, does this item truly bring happiness or is it just a burden to keep? Does a certain blouse make you happy when you look at it or is it out of style and unflattering? 

One thing to consider as well is that if you will forget about the item after throwing it away, then you should probably throw it away.  

Practice gratitude

Remember to be thankful for being able to own all these things and recognize the part they played in your life. Even with the items that no longer serve a purpose, still be grateful for the role they played at one point in your life.

Designate storage spaces

Any time things are strewn about, it is usually because they need a place to live. Once you recognize the items that are often laying about, come up with a storage solution for them. 

Find ways to organize and sort your belongings in a system that works for you. Fold your clothes in a way that allows you to see your inventory. Use boxes and containers. Use dividers in drawers and desks. Know how everything should be placed and pledge to commit to it to reduce overall clutter. 


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