Simple nail art ideas anyone can create at home

Simple nail art ideas anyone can create at home
Published : November 21 , 2020
Latest Update : June 13 , 2021

By Rania Dawud

Having your nails done can give you such a burst of confidence. But we can’t always make the time for it or necessarily afford it. 

For those who love having nice nails but don’t have the time for a nail appointment or to sit down at home and do it themselves, that doesn’t mean you have to be left out! 

Simple nail designs are not only super classy, they’re also quick and easy to create.

These nail art ideas are ones anyone can copy with a little patience and without much hassle.


Playing with dots

colorful dotted nail polish 

A clear nail with dots is always a cute look, and bobby pins can make a great substitute for a dotting tool. Arrange the dots into shapes, layers or anything else, it’s up to you! 


Or if you’d like to play around with colours...

colorful nail polish


Long live the stripe

colorful stiped nail polish

After painting your nails the colour you like and having them dry perfectly (very important!), place tape along the bit where you’d like your stripe to be and, with a steady hand, drag your nail polish brush alongside it. 


Shades of blue

blue nail polish 

If you’re not willing to bring out the tape and bobby pins, fair enough! Gather various shades of the same colour and create a gradient along your fingers.


A sprinkle of glitter

nail polish with a sprinkle of glitter 

Using the tip of a sponge, repeatedly dab on glitter nail polish on the tip of the nail until it reaches the opacity you prefer. You could also add in nail stickers for more glitter. And with a clear top coat, you’re done!



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