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A decision and a small step: All you need for a healthy life

A decision and a small step: All you need for a healthy life
Published : September 05 , 2021
Latest Update : September 12 , 2021
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Whenever we think of Diet, we think temporary, starvation, punishment, postpone to the first day of the week, limited to 2 or 4 weeks, with a big NO NO list and deprivations?

Why do we do that to ourselves? It is all a decision, a mind shift, and a small step towards a healthier version of ourselves.

The decision: “I want to be healthier, less susceptible to diseases like Diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular & get to the healthy weight suitable for myself.”

The mind shift: “It is a lifestyle, eating better quality foods and be more active for a healthier me.”

The small step: ”Start now.”

Small Habits to incorporate into your day:

  1. Control your portions.

    Based on your weight, height, age, and activity, the amount of calories required is different for weight gain, loss, or maintenance. Those calorie needs are spread out scientifically between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. So get in touch with a dietitian to better understand your body’s needs.

  2. Pay attention to the quality of the food

    . For example:
  • Try to avoid fried food; instead, opt for baked & grilled.

  • Minimize the oil & dressing on your salads.

  1. Carbohydrates are good for you, so are proteins & fats

    . Your body needs all nutrients from all the food groups. Choose the better options from the market.
  • Simple unprocessed carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, quinoa, potato, rice, oats, legumes).

  • Lean meats (red fillet, chicken breast & white fish fillet).

  • Unsaturated fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados).

Of course, all within the portion allowed for your body needs.

  1. Have your chocolate, please!

    Life is too short to say No to chocolate. The effort lies in choosing the better kind of chocolate. As a fact, chocolate is good for your health in limited portions.

  2. Be more active.

    Start with Sitting less and walking more. Introduce to your day the activity that suits you and only you. You can participate in our batalat challenge, which aims to create healthy habits among the participants by giving them various recipes and weekly exercises.
    This challenge is presented by myself and Coach Zena habi, register now and you will get 15% off, click on this link
  3. Drink more water and less coffee & caffeinated tea, less juices, and fizzy drinks.

    You will need to make some effort but not flip your life upside down, as you might think.

Don’t complicate it. Decide and start now.


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