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Tatoom Khumush Emotional Intelligence skills Coach

Tatoom is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner from Six Seconds (The Emotional Intelligence Network). She is a former Montessori teacher with an experience of teaching young children for more than five years. She is passionate about mental and emotional health and about the wellbeing of families especially mothers as she believes they are the cornerstone of each household. Due to the challenges she faced as a mother of two boys, she decided to go through her own journey of self-discovery by learning and taking a variety of courses on emotional intelligence, parenting, and self-development. She then implemented her knowledge into raising her children and developing a healthy relationship with them. Now she is an advocate of emotional intelligence and loves to help parents develop self-awareness, increase knowledge of their recurring patterns of behaviors, and take the steps to change to reach their goals. She loves to empower them to parent with more intention, enjoyment and peace and to create deeper connection with their children.

Articles By Tatoom Khumush:

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Parenting
I was picking up my son from swimming practice the other day, and he was very upset and frustrated. He has recently been under pressure...
Parenting with Emotional Intelligence: Setting Goals
One night, after a long and hectic day with my two boys, I sat down to unwind and relax after putting them to sleep, and...
Effect of learning Emotional Intelligence on parenting
After I developed a curiosity towards the world of emotions, I came across the term “Emotional Intelligence,” which is becoming more famous now. According to...
Understanding the role of emotions in everyday life
To begin with, I’ve always had many questions about emotions but never really contemplated them. In intense moments in life, sometimes I would wonder: “Is...

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