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Rahma Alawi Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Rahma Alawi is the mother of an adorable daughter who changed her life to an expected path!
Rahma studied International Accounting and graduated from the German Jordanian University (GJU). She worked in Auditing and Financial Analysis for 7 years in international and regional firms.

Rahma was once a sleep-deprived mother who faced several problems with her daughter's sleep, prompting her to find a solution. Thus Rahma was introduced to the magical world of sleep training. 
After seeing the amazing results of sleep training with her daughter, she decided to become a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant to help mothers enjoy the gift of sleep. She got her certification from Sleep Sense ™, USA.

She now provides online consultation for mothers worldwide to help them overcome their children's sleep challenges by offering them the necessary tools to teach their children healthy and independent sleep habits using a very gentle and gradual approach.

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