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Rasha Salib Licensed Clinical Psychologist l Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rasha received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she specialized in Psychology. She completed her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy, at Pepperdine University, Malibu, California.

In the US and Canada, Rasha worked with individuals, children, adolescents, families, and couples seeking therapy for relationship issues, addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and trauma. In Jordan, she also served as a school counselor at the Ahliyyah School for Girls, where she provided support and guidance to adolescent females who were experiencing emotional and academic difficulties. She also worked for eight years in private practice in Jordan (Maria Den Braven, Jordan Hospital and Dr. Nasri Jacir’s Clinic). Currently, Rasha is the head of the Psychology Department at Abdali Hospital in Amman. Her fields of specialization are: Couple and Family therapy, premarital counseling, relationship problems, infidelity, parenting issues, personality disorders, treatment of addiction, co-dependency, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and OCD, trauma, abuse, sexual assault, counseling for LGBTQIA+ individuals, grief, bereavement and loss, childhood trauma, eating disorders, suicidal ideations and self-harm behaviors, self-empowerment, and transformational healing.

Rasha provides effective and evidence-based treatment and therapy, anchored in research and positive outcomes that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs. She utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach, working with clients in a collaborative and insightful process and ultimately providing care and support for a transformational journey towards health, healing and wellbeing. Rasha’s clinical mental health and wellness method has a very positive, evidence-based orientation that believes people are competent and resourceful. The focus is on providing quality psychological care by weaving in acceptance with change strategies, exploring how clients would like things to be different, how to make change happen and how to recognize signs indicating that changes are happening. Her work is guided by a tenacious vision of vibrant communities where individuals thrive, succeed, and realize their unique potential of mind, body, and spirit. Rasha’s goal is to empower people to transform and heal themselves psychologically, physically and emotionally.

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