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Mind Matters Brain Training

Mind Matters is a brain training center, Licensed by BrainRx, a leading cognitive training and research center located in the United States. They are devoted to working one-on-one with students who struggle or desire maximum learning skill enhancement.

Mind Matters provide powerful cognitive skills testing and training tools that can literally transform learning weaknesses into strengths and increase IQ in as little as 3 months. In fact, their students achieve an increase of 3 years on average in cognitive skills after completing their programs!

Mind Matters ensures better mental performance to
•    Exceptional and gifted students
•    Students looking to become smarter
•    Students with attention problems (ADD/ADHD)
•    Dyslexic students
•    Students struggling with learning difficulty
•    Senior and career adults.

Improving their IQ not only helps students get access to better educational opportunities, it allows them to maximize those opportunities when they get them. 

Mind Matters' main goal is to help people of all ages become smarter, think faster, remember better as well as learn easier! Partnering with parents, the programs produce rapid, lasting, and guaranteed results.  

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