5 Ways new wifeys can bond with their mother-in-law

5 Ways new wifeys can bond with their mother-in-law
Published : August 31 , 2020
Latest Update : September 06 , 2021
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Instinctively, the first people you will want to impress when meeting a new guy are his parents - more specifically, his mother. When the relationship progresses into marriage, a new page is turned and a fresh chapter begins. 

Traditionally, this chapter is titled “Wife vs Mother-in-Law,” where the storyline consists of the MiL being jealous of the new woman in her son’s life and the wife complaining about her MiL’s constant criticism - Jane Fonda’s movie “Monster in Law” is the perfect case in point.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit with your MiL for a cuppa and a chat with a genuine smile on your face? 

There’s nothing more beautiful than having a wholesome relationship with your “second” family and in a utopian world, we all would be living happily ever after with our spouses and their families. But this is the real world and in the real world navigating this type of relationship can be tricky, even when both parties come from similar cultural and religious backgrounds.

If you’ve already mastered the art of bonding with a MiL, we salute you. But for those new to the game or still struggling to form a close bond with their hubby’s mama, it’s time to change the plot. 

Get your pencils out, ladies, it’s time to write your own story.

1. Make it personal

We all like talking about ourselves and just because you’ve reached a certain age does not mean that you’re less interested in sharing things about yourself. Make it personal with your mother-in-law: ask questions about her childhood, favourite writers, life transitions… the list is endless. She will appreciate you taking interest in things that are very personal to her and you might even find yourself wanting to know more.

2. Surprise her with a trip

Spending quality time with someone is the quickest way of forming a closer bond with them. Why not treat your MiL to a girls’ weekend away at one of her favourite spots or a place that she’s always wanted to go to? She will love you for it while being in a place that makes her happy will guarantee a fun day out.

3. Walk down memory lane

Spend an evening flicking through her/your old photo albums. You’ll be surprised at how many questions will pop up along the way and some of those old pictures are bound to make you both crack a joke or two. 

4. Listen to her

We may not like others telling us what to do but asking your MiL for advice will make her feel respected and appreciated (especially when the advice has something to do with taking care of your baby). 

5. Get crafty

Think of a project that needs your DIY skills and ask your MiL to help you with it. It’ll be a fun way to spend days, weeks or months together and you’ll always look back on your accomplishment with fond memories and pride. 


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