5 Benefits of Natural Childbirth

February 14 , 2018
Nicky Langley
Nicky Langley is a mother of four and a professional Doula, Hypnobirthing teacher and Breastfeeding Supporter....More

I truly believe that the most important effect of a natural childbirth is a wonderful sense of empowerment!  Just knowing that you have created and given birth to this new human being is the biggest “high” you will ever have in your life!  Our bodies are incredible and knowing that you can achieve something as amazing as this will change the way you feel about yourself and your body for life. You will also always know that you have given your baby the best possible start in life. Besides this life-changing effect here are five beneficial effects for you to consider when planning your birth:

  1. Faster Recovery  A mum who has had a natural birth will recover much more quickly than a mum who has received drugs. Having a medicated birth does raise the chances of further intervention such as forceps or Caesarean section which will mean a longer recovery period.  A mum who has had a drug free labor and birth may be able to be up and walking around shortly after birth which will add to the feeling of well-being and normality and set you off to a great start as a mum.
  2. Positive Memories of The Birth Experience  A mum who is fully awake and drug-free will tend to have much clearer and happy memories of the whole experience. These will be memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life, why would you want to forget them?  Some of the drugs used for pain relief may make you feel sleepy and drowsy sometimes leading to cloudy memories of the day that your life changed, and your new baby arrived in your life, even epidural pain relief can sometimes cause mums to feel a little detached from the experience as they are unable to experience the sensations associated with the birth.
  3. Easier First Breastfeeding Experience  Feeling focused and fresh after the delivery of your baby without a doubt has a very positive effect on your first breastfeeding experience. Remember that some of the pain-relieving drugs can also affect your baby and a drowsy baby can often find it more difficult to breastfeed as their natural feeding instincts may be hindered.  The first “golden hour” after your baby is born is magical and incredibly important for you and your baby.  Having “skin to skin” time with your baby at your breast helps both you and baby in so many ways – encourages early breastfeeding, regulates baby’s temperature, breathing, heart rate among many other benefits!
  4. Labour Can Be Shorter  A mum who chooses to have a drug free labor and birth will have the option to be active throughout which is SO beneficial and can significantly affect the length of labor. Mum can listen to her body, move in a way that she finds comforting and choose positions that feel right for HER. Being in an upright and forward position helps the baby descend into the pelvis, encouraging the cervix to open and then for baby to move down through the vagina and out into the world!  Gravity can help, use it!!  Obviously, a mum who has had an epidural will have no feeling from the waist down so being active is not an option and this can really slow the labor process.
  5. It is Cheaper!  Natural birth is significantly cheaper than a birth with lots of drugs and interventions. Surely this is the best money saving plan you will ever make!