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8 Kind words to teach your children on World Kindness Day

8 Kind words to teach your children on World Kindness Day
Published : November 12 , 2020
Latest Update : September 06 , 2021
Arwad Khalifeh Arwad Khalifeh
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It’s kind to be kind, but best of all, it’s free to be kind. 

We see unkindness on and off the playground; in other words, amongst children and adults alike. However, while a child can be forgiven for being unkind, excusing an adult for the same reason doesn't come with such ease.

But if each parent were to teach their children kindness early on in their lives, they might grow up in a world less occupied by judgement, cruelty and meanness.

No one is born unkind; external social influences are to blame for some of our ill-natured behaviours. All the more why kids must learn kindness early on, so that not only will empathising with others, offering a helping hand and being nice will become a habit, but second nature too.

So let’s celebrate World Kindness Day this 13 November by teaching your little ones how to be kind.

  1. Please & Thank you

“Simple” as they may be, these two very common words have a big impact on one’s relationship with others. Teaching your kids to say “please” when asking for something and “thank you” after receiving it is the building blocks of kindness. 

  1. Bravo

Encourage your kiddies to say “bravo” or “well done” to someone who has done something good/cool/creative/etc. It will teach them to encourage others and celebrate their achievements, which is a form of kindness.

  1. Sorry

Saying “sorry” to someone who has been injured or who is upset or is in an upsetting situation will teach kids compassion (if what happened to that person isn’t their fault) for showing that they care as well as being sorry that that person is suffering. On the other hand, it will teach them responsibility if it is their fault.

  1. Share

Sharing is caring and nothing shows kindness towards other children like sharing one’s toys or colouring pens with them. Two crayons are better than one, we say!

  1. Smile 

A smile is infectious and it is the surest way to make someone’s day.

  1. I love you

Saying “I love you” to their teachers and school friends (the ones they actually feel that way about) sure is kind and lovely.

  1. Help

A real act of kindness is helping someone with something when they really need it or when they least expect it. Either way, every child should learn the importance of helping others. 

  1. Compliment 

Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Tell your kids it’s nice to compliment others on the way they look, on something nice they’ve made or on anything else they believe is worthy of their praise. 


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