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11 Fun ways to get your child to read and write

October 10 , 2018
Marwa Sati
Marwa Sati is a speech-language pathologist and an educational psychologist....More

Language is the foundation for learning to read and write. For many children, it is important to start school with good language to avoid having problems with reading and writing. How can you help your young child prepare for reading and writing?

  1. Reading gives your child time to wind down and prepare for sleep and build those necessary skills for writing and reading. Your child will learn new words, grammar, and storytelling.
  2. Know your child’s classroom routines by asking the classroom teacher and then discuss those details with your child at home.
  3. Choose books that your child likes.
  4. Read and reread the same book over and over again. Children often ask for the same book to be read over and over.

  1. Take turns retelling the story or take turns retelling bits and pieces of the story.
  2. Make up stories while painting and drawing as this will help your child become more interested in writing.
  3. Build blocks as this will help your child use his/her fingers independently to write.

  1. Spend time in the playground by doing activities such as climbing; it is very helpful in building strong body muscles in order to sit up on a chair and write.
  2. Use paintbrushes, crayons, pencils, and pens to encourage your child to write.
  3. Make marks and shapes by scribbling and drawing on a paper.
  4. Help your child become interested in writing letters and words by playing with letters and words using magnets and pieces of puzzles.


Source: Teaching children to read and write by Robert B. Ruddell