Preschoolers 3-4 Years

Track my development: Preschoolers 3- 4 years

Track my development: Preschoolers 3- 4 years
October 27 , 2015
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Usually referred to as the “magic years” this period is exciting! Your child is becoming more social and has moved beyond the egocentric phase and is starting to really understand the external world and form friendships with his peers! This is also a wonderful time for imaginative play.



  • I can feed myself (with little spilling).

  • I try to use a fork.

  • I hold a pencil and try to write a letter/name.

  • I draw with my arm and do not use small hand movements.

  • I can draw a circle/ draw a face.

  • I can use the toilet alone.

  • I walk downstairs using a handrail and alternating feet independently

  • I can hop and stand on one foot

  • I can move forwards and backward easily

Sensory - Cognitive

  • I understand "big," "little," "tall," "short."

  • I follow three instructions given at one time: ("Put the toys away, wash your hands, and come eat.").

  • I distinguish between the real world and the imaginary or pretend world.

  • I want explanations of "why" and "how."

  • I relate a simple experience I have had recently.

  • I engage in fantasy play frequently.

  • I am starting to grasp the concept of time more readily (for example I might start to ask for “5 more minutes of play time when you tell me it’s time to leave the playground”.

Communication and Speech Development

  • I have a large vocabulary and use good grammar often.

  • I often talk about action in conversation ("go," "do," "make").

  • I create sentences made up of 5-6 words

  • I enjoy rhyming and nonsense words.

  • I use regular past tenses of verbs ("pulled," "walked") use "a," "an," and "the." When speaking,

  • I ask direct questions ("May I?" "Would you?")

  • I understand "next to".

  • I can answer questions, provide information and convey ideas during conversations.

Social-Emotional (Play)

  • I can separate from my parents for a short time without crying.

  • I often prefer playing with other children to playing alone, unless I’m deeply involved in a solitary task.

  • I sometimes cooperate in other children's games

  • I enjoy tag, hide-and-seek and other games with simple rules.

  • I like to do things for myself.

  • I act as though a doll or stuffed animal thinks and feels on its own.

  • I try to bargain ("I'll give you this toy if you'll give me that one") and I share when asked.

Act early

Talk to my doctor if by 4 years:

  • Cannot jump in one place, or throw a ball overhead

  • Cannot grasp a big crayon between my thumb and fingers or cannot scribble

  • Do not engage with other children

  • Cannot use sentences of 3 words (or more) and/or cannot use “me” and “you” appropriately in a sentence


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