Mothers’ Stories

From my daughter's eczema to building my own business

August 26 , 2019

By: Amina Mango, mother of two

I have never imagined the effect of this saying on one’s life “Necessity is the mother of all inventions…” until it happened to me and I was a mother with a necessity!

My story began more than ten years ago when I had my first encounter with baby eczema. My daughter was struggling with itchiness, redness and dry skin. My attempts to find a remedy to soothe her were unsuccessful. Those who know me know I am an avid reader, and it was at that time that I stumbled upon a gem of a read called, “Cleaning Yourself to Death: How safe is your home?” by Pat Thomas.
The revelations were both eye-opening and heartbreaking.

Until then, I had no real understanding of how damaging certain products can be to one’s health. Soaps that were labeled as “gentle” and “baby safe” were the source of my daughter’s irritation. And, to make things more challenging, traditional and allegedly natural soaps were of very poor quality.

In our olive trees farm

I didn’t want to settle and use whatever the market was selling, I remember walking through our olive farm, envisioning it as a source of nature’s greatest remedies. I wanted to deliver something that was unmatched in quality for my baby.

So, I ignited my creative side and thought “If I could paint olive trees, I can create a remedy for my child!”, And that’s what I did after a series of attempts in my kitchen – the first product was born.

One of my beloved painting 

I created a soap that was completely free of chemicals; that was gentle on the skin with both eczema healing and soothing properties for my baby. And it worked, it really worked!

At the time, I didn’t think that I would need to go into the kitchen again or even have a whole line of products! But, four years later I was blessed with a beautiful son, who developed food allergies and severe eczema from early on.

And so, my obsession with soothing eczema began, but this time with a new focus, I wanted to soothe and heal any skin condition in a natural way.

I used the soap for my son, then I added to it baby cream with aloe vera, baby massage and bath oil, and baby ointment. All to cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and protect my baby's delicate skin. These products again were very successful in treating and soothing my son’s eczema which soon improved and disappeared.

Having found these natural solutions that were safe and effective, I felt that I had to provide them for others who may find themselves in the same situation as myself; looking for safe and natural skincare products that were also effective treatments for sensitive skin and eczema. 

in an expo for our products

So, after years of exploring and trial and error, I cannot tell you how proud I am to have found a positive solution, one that is accessible, affordable and organic in every sense of the word.  And above all else safe!

I feel proud because I know how mainstream products were misleading me by their cute designs and labels, so I made sure to keep all my creations authentic, organic and certified because in the end, what I want for my children is what I want for other families.

A painting that I drew for my children

And this is my message to every mom, follow your maternal instinct and do what is best for your child, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. And take matters into your own hands to find the best solution for your family, it’s not that easy but believe me, it can be done!

Amina’s Natural Skincare is a Jordanian manufactured brand that has at its core principles: producing safe, organic certified and effective skincare products and they believe in, and live by sustainable and organic philosophies. Applying these to all aspects of their products from sourcing of the raw materials and the design of their packaging to the manufacturing process, and their eco-factory.