Mothers’ Stories

How I try to raise my kids to be compassionate?

April 24 , 2019

Written By: Haneen Khuzam, her blog Working_mother_of_2

It’s not a secret that all of us want to raise compassionate kids, but how to do so is the question. Especially nowadays with all the busy lifestyles, life demands and burdens every single person carry.

It doesn’t happen overnight, or by just being compassionate to our own kids for them to grasp this value. It needs to be done for someone else in front of them as a start, any kind action can teach them something. It doesn’t matter how small or big it was; it will always make a difference.

Holding the door for people in the malls is a kind action (especially if they’re disabled or elderly), picking up something that someone else dropped is a kind action, letting someone pass before us in a queue for an emergency case is a kind action, saying please and thank you are kind actions, checking on someone who’s sick and asking if they need any help is also a kind action, and the list goes on.

So one thing I do usually when playing with my kids is helping them pick up their toys. I say let’s all help each other so that no one gets so tired. They picked this up and now even if we have a nanny at home, they do help her with little chores and cleaning up their room as they say she works a lot and she’ll get tired.

Another thing I do usually when my kids are with me, if someone drops something on the floor, I go down and pick it up for them especially if they’re moms with small babies or elderly people. My son has picked up this trait really well and now he do the same all the time and feels so proud of himself afterwards.

I also repeatedly tell my kids that there are poor less fortunate kids out there who doesn’t have the same privileges they do. Though sometimes I get frustrated with them being inconsiderate but at times they do surprise me and prove that they’ve been listening.

Lately, my daughter packed few of her LOL dolls that she’s not playing with a lot, with all their accessories and said: “Mama, let’s give these to the poor kids, we have a lot, and they don’t. We’ll make them happy.”

All these will teach our little ones how beautiful kindness is and how compassionate people can be with just a simple action.