Things I wish all parents would stop doing

November 20 , 2019
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The other day while I was driving, I saw a father driving while holding his baby on his lap, and that reminded me of the little girl that was waiting alone in the car while her mother was running some errands! I was thinking to myself “how can any parent even think that this makes sense?”

A lot of us dreamt of the day we would meet our special one and the day we would create a family. And while wondering, we also took an oath to ourselves in our hearts that we would take care and protect our family with everything we have.  

However, when that day has come, and we became the parents we are today, it wasn’t as easy as we thought it will! And we discovered that being accountable for your kids and their well-being is the most difficult responsibility and definitely your utmost role in this life.

Parenting is not something you can perform without being aware and cautious, as these little ones are the blessings of your life and protecting them from every possible danger they may face is your duty as a parent.

I’m certain all parents love their children and want the best for them, however, we are still surrounded by so many forms of child neglect that we witness every single day.

Our children need empathy, they need our time, patience and guidance. We are a role model to them, and as they say “Actions speak louder than words”. Sure we make mistakes, but there are some mistakes that cannot be taken back, just like a Doctor’s mistake, cannot be reversed.

Readers of 360Moms; what do you think? Have you seen scenarios of child neglect happening around you? What do you think are the reasons? And what do you think is the solution?

*Note to the readers: My article is not intended to judge parents, it’s rather some thoughts a father has to trigger a conversation that could help us reach a solution.