My View on Tutoring as a Dad!

March 14 , 2019
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Once upon a time, children used to go to school and learn. If they had a problem with a subject, they’d ask their mother or father to help them, or they would go to their teacher after class and explain that they are struggling. Today, our children have access to tutors for every subject at any age. Doesn’t that make them loose focus in class knowing there’s someone to help them when they get home?

We all know that tuition fees in a reputable school are high, and they keep getting higher. So, why are we paying those fees if some children still require a tutor on a daily basis to keep up with their peers?

My wife would know all about this subject as she’s more involved in school life and knows exactly where our kids are at, academically.  But she won’t be able to know if our child isn’t concentrating in class! Is it because she can’t understand the lesson or because she knows there’s backup at home in the form of a tutor?!

As a father, I know I could do more when it comes to teaching my kids. If I’m stronger at math than my wife is, I should be the one taking over after school to help them.

Why put all my time and energy into work while I should be saving some of my efforts to helping my child’s progress? There’s nothing better than having them come home with an “A” knowing you or your wife helped them achieve that. Why should a stranger get all the credit?

Here is my opinion: by hiring tutors at the ages of 3 and onwards, we’re making our kids dependant on a different source of education instead of getting it at school. Therefore, I’d like school administrations to also step up and provide kids with an after-school time slot if they’re behind and need some one on one help.

Maybe my solutions are difficult to implement (fathers tutoring and schools asking more of their teachers), but if it used to work at some point in time, why can’t it work again today?

If we all put an end to tutoring (unless it’s really necessary and especially in high school), we would end up closer to our kids when we help them with school work, and it would encourage them to pay more attention in class.