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March 01 , 2016 6:27 am
hello every one my son is almost 5 yrs he drinks milk 3 times a day and he eats an egg once a week and he only eats rice and yogurt. i need to change his diet any suggestions how to encourage him to eat

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March 18 , 2016 10:58 am
By: Majd Al Khatib
Your son is old enough now to start trying to help him try it out you should start giving him mlukheyyeh with the rice, most of the kids love it with rice. After that try peas with carrots mentioning that they are green balls to help him hit more goals in his PE ... football games.. Drinking 3 cups of milk a day would decrease the amount of food he needs or asks for, so basically 2 cups as a start are enough and make him eat real food. No snacks or candies are allowed if he didn't finish his meal, so this way he has to finish it and gradually stsrt introducing new food items to him.