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March 10 , 2016 9:02 am
Q 1: How do I get my children to eat vegetables?

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March 10 , 2016 9:15 am
By: Manal Obieda
The answer is simple as you do have to pick your battle as a mom. Do you want them to eat vegetables boiled or as a salad as we usually tend to serve them to kids or do you want them to eat them regardless of the form? I would go with no. 2. The idea is to get them to eat veggies even if they are not served as veggies directly. Think outside the box. Serve veggies in different formats than you would normally do. Some examples are: - If you child likes lentil soup for example (and most kids do), consider adding veggies inside the soup and puree..they won't know! - If your child likes chocolate cake, make a recipe using zucchini with the cake. (We will be sharing a recipe with you at 360moms). It adds nutrients and give a great moisture to the cake. - If you child likes pizza, consider chopping veggies very finely and include them in the pizza sauce, they won't notice. - Serve them in a cute interesting way, like making faces using veggies along with a yummy dip that you kids will enjoy. Play a game while eating them like: Lets eat the bears nose, or ear...etc. It is all about how you serve the veggies in a way that they will enjoy and remember, you child doesn't have to love all veggies as long as he/she are eating some, that is they grow older, their taste buds will change