10 Easy ways to Prepare Children for Eid’s Busy Schedule

10 Easy ways to Prepare Children for Eid’s Busy Schedule
Published : June 14 , 2018
Latest Update : May 30 , 2021
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With Eid only, a few days away.

Here are 10 tips on making Eid more comfortable for you and your children.

1. Try to schedule your Eid break and make sure you share this schedule with your children.

Make sure you incorporate time for kids’ activities, lunch, sleep, and downtime. Tired kids are grumpy kids.

2. Pre-warn your children if you may miss tiny details, or there is a sudden change of schedule.

This will better prepare them to handle the situation in a better way.

3. Make sure you pack a small bag with your child’s favorite toys especially when visiting older family members.

4. Give your child small jobs to keep them occupied like serving the chocolate.

5. Pack small snacks in case your child gets hungry.

6. Inform your child of all the family members, cousins and friends who you expect to see during Eid and how to greet specific individuals.

For example, "Uncle Samir may want to hug you" - so that your child is ready for the hug.

7. Don't force your child to give a hug or a kiss if they really don't want to.

Respect their wishes and do not label them as shy.

8. Teach your child about how to receive gifts or money presents and how to respond.

Some children may act out if they don’t receive the gift they want.

9. Manage time effectively.

Whenever you take your children out, make sure you prepare them on the amount of time you would be spending outside. Try to stick to the time that you have mentioned to your child.

10. And finally have fun.

Happy and blissful Eid to all.


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